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    Ithaki Island is situated just a couple of kilometres from the island of Kefalonia.

The small and mountainous island of Ithaki (Ithaka) is world known through Homer’s “Odyssey”.

Ithaki has a surface area of 96 square km and a population of 3.700 inhabitants.

The west coast of the island is rocky and arid in contrast to the green gentle coastline of the east.

Several beautiful bays with pebbles beaches are located in this area.

The capital of Ithaki island is Vathi.
It is also the largest village.

It is a charming red roofed village and port with many caiques (small fishing boats) moor alongside.

The quay side is lined with many two storey buildings.

A preservation order in 1978 protected the town from the high touristic development.
Ithaki is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved islands of the Ionians. It has escape from the mass tourism industry and has kept all its natural beauty.

You get the feeling that no much must has changed since times of Ulysses.
The island is ideal for quiet holidays combining nature, mountains and sea.

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