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Kefalonia local products: A great variety of local products of Kefalonia, Greece

  Kefalonia is a fertile island and has a variety of local agricultural products.
The island is famous for its cheese, olive and wine.

The food on the island of Kefalonia is similar to the other islands of the Ionians with small variations and some local specialities.

The specialities of Kefalonia are:

the pita with meat, skorthalia/aliatha
(potatoes with garlic sauce), bourbourelia(mixed bean soup), hare or rabbit stew, riganada( bread slices with oregano), strapatsado(eggs with tomato) and, egg and potato soup.

The island is also famous for its cheese and most particularly for its feta.

Feta is a soft cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and ewe’s milk. Feta is used all over Greece and has a great part in Greek diet.

In Kefalonia, the candy lovers will find their paradise.

Kefalonia proposes many bakery goodies.

Kefalonia is mostly famous for its ghalaktoboureko(custard type pastry) but also for its mandoles (toasted almonds), confetto(baked quince), barboule (caramelised almonds), anise biscuits, nougat, amygthalopita (almond cake) and pastelli.

The island of Kefalonia is famous for its wines. It has 3 appellations of origin: Robola (dry white), Muscat (sweet white) and Maurodafni (sweet red).
The island has 6 producers. Divino, Gentilini, Metaxas, Sclavos, Soroke and Vitoratos.

They use many varieties of grapes but Robola is the most famous. Robola grapes must be cultivated in some particular areas of the island in order to take its official appellation.

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