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Kefalonia Museums: Discover the several museums of the island of Kefalonia, Greece

  The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli
The archaeological museum of Argostoli is the most complete of the Kefalonia museums. It houses finds from prehistoric times to Hellenistic and Roman period.

The most remarkable collection is composed of Mycenaean finds: coins, swords, tools, ceramics, sculptures…

The museum is daily open from O8.30 15.00 except from Monday.
More information from the Ministry of Culture : here :

The Corgialeneion Historical and Folk Art Museum
The Corgialeneion Historical and Folk Art Museum is situated in the island’s capital, in the ground floor of the Corgialenion Library.

The aim of the museum is to preserve the memory of the historical conditions (political, economical and social) of Kefalonia before the earthquake of 1953. The historical archive material of the museum (documents, portraits, personal items, utensils, tools, maps, photographs, icons, books…) starts from the beginning of the 15th century. There is also a section of drawings of women costumes from the 16th to the 19th century.
  The museum exhibits information related to both island’s every day life and folk culture and, the historical events during the following periods:

Venetian, Frankish, Turkish, French, British and the time of the Union with Greece.

More information from the Ministry of Culture:
here :

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Apostole Andreas of Milapedia

The Museum is located amongst the buildings of the Monastery of Milapedia in Perata.
It has an interesting number of interesting ecclesiastical exhibits.

The Natural History Museum
The museum was established by the Society for the protection of the Environment of Kefalonia and Ithaki, and is situated in the village of Davgata.

The aim of the museum is to present the natural environment of the island of Kefalonia and Ithaki. It displays information about the flora and the fauna.





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