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Kefalonia Shopping: The opportunity of shopping in the island of Kefalonia, Greece

    The shopping hub of the island is situated in the capital, Argostoli, and more particularly in Lithostratos street.

It is a pedestrian road with many shops on both sides. You will also find there the post office, banks and few cafes.

Apart from the local products, Kefalonia is not a shopping paradise. What could interest a foreigner are the jewelleries that offer cheaper products than in Europe.
Shops are open 6 days a week and Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, they only open from 9am to 3pm (except from the touristís shops).


shopping in kefalonia island greece: There are many shops in kefalonia Island.

Sweets of quality which (that) come from systematic boiling. All these sweets are prepared in our workshop in the village Travliata, using a traditional way. You can visit us and taste whatever is made that moment. You can also talk with the people who work in the company. Thus, you will realize why the name "Voskopoula" is known everywhere, because of the traditional sweets which produces.

Rizospaston 10 - Travliata - Kefalonia
Tel/Fax: +30 26710 26650






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